May 11, 2014

Tips When Going to Divisoria

Divisoria, Divi or DV is a shopping mecca where you can buy stuff at half the price compared from those at the malls.  I personally find the place too big for a small mom like me (wink!). I've been in Divisoria a couple of times but I'd still  get lost when not accompanied by a friend. Although Divisoria is busy and crowded, it is certainly the best place to get the most value of money. We can't also deny the fact that when you go to Divisoria you are at risk of getting rob, like what almost happened to me last week.

For newbies, here are my tips when going to Divisoria:

1.  Bring a companion who knows the ins and outs of Divisoria
2.  Leave gadgets at home. If you must/need to bring your celphone try what my friend Lyn does -, bring the cheapest celphone.
3.  Do not wear jewelries. Just wear the loom bands that your kid made for you.
4.  Be there in morning to avoid throngs of shoppers and commuters that get heavier in the afternoon.
5. I highly recommend you don't bring a bag. If female, place your money inside the bra. No kidding! My neighbor do this all the time, she's been shopping in Divi for more than 20 years now and has not lost a single centavo.
6. Bring your eco-friendly shopping bags.
7. Wear rubber shoes for a more comfortable walking, and when necessary, faster running.
8.  Finish your shopping around 2pm to avoid rush hour..

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