June 11, 2014

Beware of Grab Bag Gang

Last month, I went to meet my younger siblings, Jubert and Liezl at SM Megamall. Jubert didn't have dinner yet so we went at Bar-B-King since it was the nearest from where we met.

We were in the middle of a serious talk when Jubert suddenly felt his bag was missing.  The guy at his back jerked, which made my brother suspicious so Jubert grabbed the guy's backpack. The guy had no other choice but to leave his backpack and then ran away as fast as he could. 

I ran outside and shouted on top of my lungs to call the attention of the guards and other people. Unfortunately, no one stopped that guy.  The staff of Bar-B-King and Liezl ran after the guy but they weren't lucky enough to catch him.
Backpack left by the Salisi Gang member. Inside this, my brothers bag, a jacket and calling cards

Jubert's bag was recovered inside the backpack left by the Salisi Gang member. All his valuables are intact.

We all went to SM Megamall's Security office to file a report. There we were told that Megamall has no CCTV yet. Though it's also unfortunate that Bar-B-King has no CCTV, we greatly appreciate their concern when their male staff ran after that bad guy. 

It was our first time to go at Bar-B-King, sana the next time may CCTV na sila, pati na din si Megamall.

Happy pa din after what happened but next time di na kami magkukwentuhan ng masyadong seryoso, hehehe...

Beware of Grab Bag Gang, here are some tips to avoid this unfortunate event:

1. Never leave your belongings under the table or on the side where it can easily be stolen. 
2. Do not sit near the entrance because you will be an easy target.
3. Place your bag on your lap.
4. Salisi Gang accomplish the act without being noticed or intercepted, so discretely look around and  study faces of the people around the area. This way, they know that someone is aware of their presence

Here's a sample video of grab bag. This is the same thing that happened to us.

Source: Youtube. 


  1. Can't believe Megamall doesn't have CCTV?? Anyway you're very lucky you were able to stop them before they ran away. Now it's hard to true random guys with a back pack especially yung parang naka tambay lang. Tsk tsk....

    1. Yes, Rina, wala silang CCTV banda dun sa BBKing. Kaya dobleng pag-iingat na lang tayo.


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