June 20, 2014

Dan Geromo - My Favorite Cosplayer

Since ToyCon is starting today at Megamall, I'm featuring Dan Geromo, my favorite Cosplayer in the Philippines. I've seen Dan many years in the past as Michael Jackson and Joker. Both characters suits him so my family always ask to have a photo taken with him.

The first time I really got to mingle with Dan was some 4 years ago at PowerBooks Greenbelt's Literary Cosplay Contest.  It was my first and last time to join a cosplay for 2010 was the year when I experimented on many things and  cosplaying was one of them.

When Dan came out pretending to stick on the wall while shooting webs to the audience, I knew I wasn't going to win the contest. This guy in Spider Man is way too cool to be beaten! He made everyone laugh at the same time.

Though Dan certainly was the best among the many who vied for the first place, beginners luck was on my side. I won the contest first place as Hit Girl. Dan won Second.

For the last thirteen years, I've been attending ToyCon because my husband is a toy collector. I've taken photos of many cosplayers but Dan is one of those who's so nice. He happily poses with people asking for photo op. Parang di nauubusan ng energy at di nagsusungit sa mga nagpapakuha ng picture with him.

You can catch Dan, the Spiderman, at ToyCon from today til Sunday. I'm not sure if he is coming as the friendly neighbor, Spidey or Joker. Check out the photos below, he may be donning one of them...

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