June 15, 2014

Robinsons Magnolia Food Tour

I was not able to join the Bloggers Food Tour at Robinsons Magnolia a month ago but Ton Roxas gave me a seat for the tour intended for prospective buyers of Robinson's Land.

 The event was hosted and facilitated by Vanessa Ledesma, RJ Ledesma's better half.

C Verde 

Pad Thai and more offers delicious, authentic Thai food at an affordable price.

I'm familiar with Silvanas because this used to be what my husband and I eat when we were just sweethearts in the 90s.

Villa Del Conte is a family favorite. I wrote about this HERE

The Clubhouse is definitely a must visit for my family. 
They serve delicious longanisa and tinapa rice that is authentic Pinoy. YUM! 

The Gaucho experience is something to share with my man who's into steak. 
Their wine selection is also a must try.

Last stop was at Magnolia Ice Cream House (MICH). 
This is the exact location where it used to be prior to the construction of Robinson's Magnolia.
They kept MICH original space for sentimental reasons (well, among clients who had many joyful moments here)

(With Kathy Kenny Ngo, Ton Roxas, and Vanessa)

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