June 20, 2014

TOYCON 2014 - Day 1

John wouldn't normally go out on a Friday. Today was a different story. It's ToyCon's Day 1 so we hurriedly went to Megamall as soon as we dropped the kids to school to check out toys, books, etcetera etcetera, that he can buy.

My husband, who's a homebody, had a great day at ToyCon 2014 for he was able to buy Lego mini figures, statutes and books that he's been eyeing for the long time. 

There's 2 days left to enjoy this event. See schedule below.

Tattoo artist and toy collector, Mel.

Day 2 – June 21, 2014, Saturday

10:00- Toycon gate opens

11:00am - Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and Opening of TOYCON 
              (Featuring guests:

            from ABS-CBN, Star Wars 501st, Disney Cosplay Group)

11:00am - Announcement of contest submission:

          Customized Action Figure

          Customized Mecha Figure

          Doll Dressed Up Contest

          1/6th Scale Customized Figure

          Toy Photography contest

          Batman – character art contest

          Cosplay solo category

11:00am - Toycon AVP and fan films
11:30am - Kazooloo segment

12:00nn - Disney Cosplay Group 
12:00nn -Gaming Library

12:30nn - Creative Park with Canon

1:00pm - Flipgeeks, Canon and Level Up and stage games

1:30pm - Creators Come Together panel talk (customizing toys)

2:00pm - Rurouni Kenshin movie segment
           - Band 1- Dreamsicle
2:15pm - Band 2 - Evening Tea Time
2:30pm - Arigatoys, Authority Hoodie, War gaming and stage games

3:00pm - Epic movies panel talk (Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers 4, 
              and Rurouni Kenshin movies)
           - Batman 75th anniversary 
3:00pm - 501st Pinoy Outpost
3:30pm - Band 3 - SANCTUS 

            - Ryza Cenon and UNO Magazine

            - Alodia Gosiengfiao performance
            - Asia Cosplay Meet Philippines team

4:00pm - Toycon Cosplay Universe contest (solo category)
4:00pm - End of all contest submissions

5:00pm  - Vs Project dance performance     

5:00pm - Band 4 - Verbacoma

5:30pm - Reimaru Files and Cherry Credits

6:00pm - Band 5 - Asterysk 

7:00pm - Sponsors segment

8:00pm - Sponsors segment

9:00pm - Grand Raffle

10:00pm - Toycon day 2 ends

Day 3 – June 22, 2014, Sunday

10:00- Toycon gate opens

11:00am - Start of contest submission:

          Custom diecast cars

          Toy Diorama

          Toy Design

          Cosplay Photography

11:00am - Toycon AVP and fan films

11:30am - Sponsor segment

12:00nn - Gaming Library

12:30pm - Band 1 - Jeepney Joyride
1:00pm - X-men pose down with Jay Tablante
1:30pm - Band 2 - People of the East

2:00pm - Batman 75th anniversary

 - Marvel artist segment
2:30pm - Team Animazing 

2:30pm - Roxy and UNO Magazine

3:00pm - Band 3 - Squeezers
3:00pm  - Blue Bustamante meet and greet

 3:30pm- Band 4 - Borealis cosplay dancers
4:00pm - World Cosplay Summit PH grand finals

       - Toycon Cosplay Universe (Team category)

       - J Fashion Contest

5:00pm - Justic League PH

5:30pm - Band 5 - Midnight Meetings 

6:30pm - Band 6 - Shinkan

7:00pm - Announcement of winners of all contest

8:00pm - stage games

9:00pm - Grand Raffle
10:00pm - Toycon ends, invitation to Toycon 2015 (big reveal)

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