July 20, 2014

DIY - Multi Way Shawl

Shawl is one of the easiest, most generic gift you can give to a woman.  I have plenty of shawls given by my friends but I haven't used many of them lately. With the use of thread, needle and recycled buttons, I came up with a shawl I call, multi-way shawl. 

Here's how to DIY - Multi Way Shawl:

1. Choose 2 shawls. Same color or same print shawls is more advisable for a leaner  and cleaner look.
2. Spread the two shawls on the floor.
3.  Measure the neck opening.
4. Stitch the buttons on both sides. Number of buttons is optional. I did just 3 buttons on both sides.

4. Sew three buttons on the right and three on the left.  You can choose to use 6 buttons of the same design/shape. I personally choose random buttons. I used recycled buttons of different kinds for a funky look.

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