July 19, 2014

Not A Surprise Anymore

Modesty aside, I’m good at throwing surprise parties. I planned and executed many surprise parties in the past for friends and family so I'm confident to pull the best Superhero surprise party for my husband’s 40th birthday. I messaged John’s friends and relatives. I also invited my closest friends because my birthday was just a week apart from John’s. I asked everyone to wear any superhero shirt since John is a collector of statues, novel books, figures, etc. etc. 

I had everything under control when my friend, Theela, messaged, "the party really is at 10 pm?" . John read the fb messaged for he thought he's the one logged in at the ipad. Boom! The surprise party is not a surprise anymore. I felt bad and sad.  Then came typhoon Glenda. Our mini garden was badly hit.  I messaged friends for a change of party time. Then on a Friday, my kids said they have a make-up class the next day, so I had to make certain changes again with the time. I was becoming more and more frustrated.

Sometimes the best plan is not to plan at all. On the eve of John's birthday, my high school friends dropped by at home. Gigi, Theela and Sheila ( who came with her son, my inaanak, AJ) were able to sit down and talk with my man. We had a few (okay, not a few!) but we certainly had a great time catching up.

The next day Nora and Lyn, and their respective kids, came early. There were no food yet, for I changed the time from 11am lunch to 5pm dinner. Unfortunately, they didn't get the message.   You see, real friendship is being able to adjust and accept those kinds of miscommunication. We still had fun, though they waited for the rice and other food to be cooked. 

At dinner time, friends and relatives came to celebrate John's 40th birthday. Although the others weren't able to make it because of the changes of time, I'm sure they wish John all the best for his 40th birthday! 

John with my Kuya Bob

"Sometimes you surprise yourself with what you can handle, 
and if you come out the other end with some wisdom, 
then it's not such a bad thing."
-Boy George

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