July 15, 2014

Picket Lines: Dialogues Between Eves, Among Eves and For Eves

Reading is my best companion when exhausted from the daily grind of life. While reading, I get to relax and be creative at the same time.  I like reading while lying on the bed for it relaxes my whole body. I put all my favorite books near the bed so I can easily reach for it anytime. Whatever is on the top, it's my newest book.

Adding to my collection is Picket Lines: Dialogues Between Eves, Among Eves and For Eves. Picket Lines is a coffee table book about female power and beauty expressed through poetry  and visual expression. It features 100 photos of women with poems written on their bodies. The book juxtaposes poetry on select women’s skin and images to make powerful statements about the lives of women.

Had I known the author - Kooky Tuason, prior to the making of this book, I'd be happy to pose and be part of  Picket Lines because this book represents women's beauty and courage in all forms, shapes, color, belief and so much more.

Picket Lines is a product of the author’s collaboration with photographers Niccolo Cosme, Tabitha Fernan, Mitch Mauricio, Katrina Pallon, and Nikkorlai Tapan. It features various women, many of whom are leaders in their fields and prominent in the public arena such as Sr. Mary John Mananzan, Fides Cuyugan-Asensio, Miriam Quiambao, Shawn Yao, Andrea del Rosario, Nina Ricci Alagao, Cecile Guidote-Alavarez, Love Anover, Jodi Sta. Maria, Lilia Cuntapay, Cynthia Alexander, Kate Torralba, Michelline Syjuco, Risa Hontiveros, Sonia Roco, Twinkle Ferraren, Abby Asistio, Gaby dela Merced, Giselle Sanchez, Sanya Smith, Mocha, Karen Kunawicz, Gloria Diaz, Aimee Marcos, Anita Linda. The images reflected in the book were intensified by the contributions of highly talented make-up artists and stylists.

Miriam Quiambao

Andrea Del Rosario

Rachel Lobangco

Sonia Roco

I cropped this photo. See more of Mocha by getting a copy of Picket Lines 

Gloria Diaz

Anita Linda

Get your copy of Picket Lines: Dialogues Between Eves, Among Eves and For Eves and get to help Women’s Crisis Center. For purchasing details, email mina@yonzon.com. You can also follow Picket Lines on Facebook and Twitter.

About Kooky Tuason:

She is a performance poetry artist, advocate and educator. Kooky studied performance art and trained under the British Council, then went on to share her craft and promote the art through conducting performance poetry workshops, performing in gigs, art exhibits, radio shows, schools, embassies and other venues. 

She has published several studio albums, Romancing Venus Vol. 1 (2005), Romancing Venus Vol. 2 (2006), and Bigkas Pilipinas (2007). She also co-produced an album titled “In Transit: Manila Meets Toronto” which was funded by the Arts Council of Canada. The Romancing Venus records were the catalyst in forming a sisterhood of female artists, writers, and musicians passionate about using creative expression as a tool for healing.

In 2007, Tuason launched her radio show “Bigkas Pilipinas” which ran for more than two years every Saturday evening on Jam 88.3. The show was nominated at the KBP Golden Dove Awards and Catholic Mass Media Awards for Best Culture and Arts Program. Playing spoken poetry non-stop during its time slot, Bigkas Pilipinas was instrumental in positioning spoken poetry at the mainstream level, and brought the art to nationwide attention for both enthusiasts and curious listeners.

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