July 7, 2014

Pizza Hut's Hate Late Policy

Coming all the way from the US of A, we were visited by Shiloh and his family last week. In times of unexpected guests, the easiest and fastest food to serve is pizza. And Pizza Hut is on top of the list for quick deliveries.  I ordered for 2 P499 Hot Deals, with each order comes 2 family pan pizzas.

The pizzas I ordered were scheduled to be delivered at 7:52pm. Unfortunately, t'was delivered at 8:09pm.   Was I upset? No! Pizza was free because of Pizza Hut's Hate Late Campaign. Pizza Hut's Hate Late policy guarantees delivery on the dot.

Make time to make it great when you join their fun Facebook promo. Delivery: Call 911-1111 or visit pizzahut.com.ph

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