July 12, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

I have no plans of celebrating my 41st birthday for I already had a big party last year. I invited my siblings for lunch at home but our schedules didn't meet. Instead of feeling down, we headed to Island Cove for an overnight stay.

Had so much fun chatting and taking selfies and group selfies the whole day.  Before checking out, Lyn and I brought the kids at the the pool for the last deep.

There I saw a group of young people having so much fun. They were taking a lot of photos but one of them has to be the photographer because they didn't have a monopod.

I went near them and offered to be their photographer. They were thankful because they actually wanted to ask someone but was shy to do so. I was already happy spending with my family and friends around but doing a random act of kindness made my birthday happier! Try to do one random act of kindness, it'll surely make your day brighter.

Twa's great to meet long time friends from Bukidnon, namely, Marycris Lazaga, Pauline Grace Gumba, Donavie Sistoso, Chester Ray Biatingo, and Daniel Merto. These guys are friends since elementary in Bukidnon (except for Daniel, who's Marycris boyfriend).

"Carry out a random act of kindness, 
with no expectation of reward, 
safe in the knowledge that one day 
someone might do the same for you."
- Princess Diana

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