August 21, 2014

Agico - Vegetarian Restaurant in San Juan

I lost the appetite for eating meat when my Mama passed away in 1993.  For almost a year I was a vegetarian. And for not eating meat at that time, I lost a lot of unwanted weight and flabs here and there.

Lately, I gained about 2 kilos for eating, baking and experimenting in my kitchen. I suddenly felt like going vegetarian again. I just don't know if I'll succeed this time. 

Since Agico is near our place, John and I started our first veggie adventure there. If you're not familiar with San Juan, you'll have a hard time finding Agico. Fortunately for us, we pass this street every day when we bring our kids to school.

On the wall to welcome customers

I ordered Crabmeat Sandwich and I must say that the vegetables they used are of high quality, but the bread is too burnt for my taste. I could have asked them to replace the bread but I was too hungry to wait. The service is quite slow, considering it was early and that we were the only customers at that time.

John ordered their Supreme Burger (forgot the exact name). My husband said it's too greasy and have an after taste he can't exactly.

He does't look look too happy, eh? 

If there's any consolation, we enjoyed the soup!

Agico: 83 Araullo St, Maytunas, San Juan
Tel: (02) 705-1997

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