August 28, 2014

GoodHousekeeping at 16

I started reading Goodhousekeeping when I was 25. This is the only magazine I continuously buy for 16 years now because the magazine tackles everything from family matters, health issues, work and career, fashion and beauty, and a lot more.  

GH makes me feel great about my age as they feature women of all ages in Look Good Section.  I particularly like the makeover, and hoping to be the next mom makeover for I need a new look as I embrace the life  at 40s (seriously!).


  1. I have been reading Good Housekeeping for 35 years! I started reading my mother's copies when I was a teenager, and I still look forward to reading it today. I'm so glad it continues to be published.

    1. Hi Susan. Wow, 35 years! Goodhousekeeping Phils, is 16 years now. Thanks for dropping by here.


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