August 19, 2014

Hungry Ghost Month

I was sick for about a week, and so does my husband. Our son, Rafael, got sick for 3 days. Prior to that, a jeepney rammed our car.  I don't know what's happening, until I realized it's the Hungry Ghost Month.

For the year 2014, Hungry Ghost month starts from 27th July - and runs for a month up to 24th August 2014. The Night of the Hungry Ghost where the gates are 100% open, falls on the western Calendar date of 10th August. During this entire month it is advisable to be extra careful especially while you are out at night, or travelling to destinations outside your protected home

Hungry Ghosts are called “hungry” because by their nature they are unable to satisfy their hunger or thirst through eating ordinary food or water. To be fed, they are only able to smell the smoke of incense and the aroma of food – and so naturally they become really happy and appeased when incense or other special food items are burned and offered to them.  These are very desperate ghosts who are trapped in between realms; they are constantly suffering from extreme deprivation - so when left unappeased it’s not surprising that they start to cause mischief to those whose chi energy levels are on the low side

Last night, Mama-in-law did Incense Offering Ritual throughout the house to appease the hungry ghosts. The next morning, we're all well, as if nothing happened.

Mama-in-law uses the old fashioned incense

The incense I use. It's easier to light and burn
To remove obstacles caused by wandering and local spirits of the land, it is essential to perform incense offerings. It is done about 2-3 times a week, but during the Hungry Ghost month, it is beneficial to do this every evening or as often as you can. The best time for this is around dusk, just after sunset. Light up sweet smelling incense (like kemenyen or sandalwood) and chant this special incense offering mantra as you walk clockwise around your rooms and outside your home while holding your incense burner:


After completing the walk-about your home, dedicate all the incense and offerings to the holy beings, dakinis, angels, spiritual protectors, local landlords, and wandering spirits around you and request that they look after you instead of harm you. Let the incense burn till it has finished burning.


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