August 26, 2014

Insect Cemetery

Have you seen a pet cemetery? Well, I did. But how many of you have seen an insect cemetery? One day, my husband called me. He was smiling. 

John: Babe, come and look at this, we have a cemetery. 
Joy: What! Are you joking?

It seems that Julia, Rafael and Juan are fascinated with insects. And that their affection for these mini creatures  meant digging my plants every now and then. 

In case your child brings you an insect from the garden, don’t shoo them away.  Instead, take a minute to enjoy that moment. That’s a good thing, when children marvel at the beauty of all living things. 

"None of God's Creatures absolutely
 consider'd are in their own Nature Contemptible;
 the meanest Fly, the poorest Insect has its Use and Vertue."
-Mary Astell

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