August 5, 2014

Special Pandesal

Finally pushed myself to ride the bike last July 29. John and I started around 6am and had 3 rounds in Greenhills. John knew I was bored because I kept on stopping for water break so he suggested that we head on at Nora's place in Espana in Manila. Nothing excites me more that surprising people I love.

We bought pandesal before reaching Nora's house at around 8am. Nora, who's a certified night owl, was surprised and happy to see us that early. 

From Mandaluyon to Spain (Espana, Manila lang)

We went at Lyn's place (Caloocan City) last July 31 for my second ride.  It was raining cats and dogs that day so John and I were wet when we arrived at around 7am. It was an easier ride, though farther from Nora's place, because I'm a pluviophile.

From Mandaluyon to Caloocan
We needed to bring more pandesal on my third ride  because the destination is where I grew up. We're going to surprise my father, siblings, cousins and neighbors. We started the ride at 4:30am and reached Novaliches around 5:30am. Most of the people we wanted to surprise were still sleeping. 

From Mandaluyon to Novaliches

From Mandaluyon to Quirino Highway, Q.C.
4th Day: Mandulyong deliveries

I'm hoping to deliver more special pandesal, not just to my loved ones but to random people that we meet along the road.

“One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves in this life: 
is allowing ourselves to be surprised! It is okay if life surprises you. Its a good thing!” 
― C. JoyBell C.


  1. I would love to meet you in BGC where there is aerobics everyday starting 5:30 am.I usually go there during Sundays. Hope the weather will be cooperative when that happens and you and your husband can even join the aerobics class at the park and write about it as well.

    Bike safely !

  2. and I wouldn't be surprised someday to see you and John making news for #bikeforacause
    Thank you so much for that early morning visit though I was still floating in the air for early rise, lol. Someday, if you go through your story on how you started, it would be in Spain. haha. Thank you so much. You both inspire me a lot, not just me but your readers as well. Tara, kape ulet tayo. :)

    1. and you're the first ever pandesal recipient!...


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