August 14, 2014

Tipsy Beans

I've seen Tipsy Beans a couple of times but I actually haven't paid it a visit before. When I got an invite from Arnie Alesna to review the place, I immediately said yes because it's conveniently located just 15 minutes away from my place.

I almost didn't make it to the food review because I was sick for four days, I had to go to Makati Med for check-up. Arriving fashionably late, I didn't get to try the many food they served to the my co-bloggers.

I was given their most expensive coffee in the house - Kopi Luwak at P180. I take my coffee with creamer or milk, but Kopi Luwak was good enough with just a teaspoonful of sugar.

Since the food review was about to wrap up, I settled for Good Ol' Chicken Pesto.  It tastes a little bland for me, maybe because of the coffee or the medicines I took prior to having a bite of it. I'll be trying this on my next visit so I can judge it fairly.

For the finale, Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks at P80, rocked all my senses! Whoa, I'm still up and running as of this writing. I'd definitely have this on my next visit.

I didn't get to taste this adobobut as I look at it, the meat portion is too small and kinda dry for my visual taste.
I didn't get to taste this too, fish fillet, but the portion is just right. 

What I mostly like about Tipsy Beans is its interior design, simple yet cute. Plus, all those inspirational quotes, either hanging on frames or written on walls, gives that positive vibe.  


Even their restroom signs are oh so cute!

And oh, last but certainly not the least, I met the owner of Tipsy Beans some 3 years ago, when he used to work as Manager at my family's favorite - Super Bowl of China.


Address: 50 Domingo M. Guevara (formerly Libertad), Highway Hills Mandaluyong, Philippines
Phone 0917-4188747 / 0922-8200082 / 621-3660

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  1. wow! It's about time to have some coffee break again, whatcha think?


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