August 15, 2014

What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come is a 1998 drama film, starring Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Annabella Sciorra and Max von Sydow and directed by Vincent Ward. Although this movie shows disturbing images of the afterlife, and may be difficult for some to watch, this is one of my favorite Robin Williams' movies. The thematic elements involving life, loss and the afterlife is a visual masterpiece, stunningly original and awe-inspiring that it keeps me glued even after watching for a hundred times since I first watched it in 1998.

The story revolves around an entire family, starting with the tragic of death of the children, then the father (Williams) and the suicide of the mother (Sciorra).

This film is Rated PG-13.

"All of us have a path to follow 
and the path begins on earth." 
-Richard Matheson,

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