September 30, 2014

Benefits of Calamansi

Calamansi, known as Calamondin in other countries, is a sour fruit that resembles a small mandarin. This fruit is indigenous to the Philippines.

Mama-in-law gives us plenty of calamansi everyday. So as not to waste a single calamansi,my husband makes calamansi juice. 

Ingredients: 1 liter of water, honey, a lot of calamasi. Use brown sugar as a substitute if you're not into honey.  

With the help of a blender, the juice comes out perfectly good and refreshing!
If you don't own a blender, place it in a shaker, shake vigorously to blend all the ingredients well.

As a dutiful wife (hehehe) I clean the mess when John 's done and I make sure that nothing is wasted.

Calamansi is known to lighten darkened skin like elbows and knees, so I scrub those parts (and those hidden like armpits and singit) before throwing everything in the pan.

Yes, you read it right -  I throw the skin in the pan. I boil it for my calamansi bath soak.

Study shows that calamansi can visibly whiten the skin if you use it twice a day. John and I do calamasi bath soak at least once a week. It does not only whiten our skin, it gives us that important husband and wife bonding. Of course we do this when the kids are in school! 

Fill the tub and pur the boiled calamansi before soaking

The calamasi saga doesn't end after enjoying at the bath tub. I planted the seeds and the rest of the skin, hoping that I'll be able to grow my very own calamsi tree.

Other benefits of calamansi: 

1. It is a natural ingredient for fading acne scars. The acidity and the vitamin C are the main factors responsible in helping fade acne scars & lighten dark spots. There is a stinging sensation though when applied on the face so be very careful. Ask your doctor first if you have bad case of acne. TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK

2. Due to its good dose of vitamin C, drinking calamansi juice helps prevent tooth decay, bleeding gums and will help strengthen teeth.

3. Besides skin lightening, my kumareng Jingle uses this citrus fruit as a deodorizer. Calamansi when used will prevent your armpits from perspiring and will also help keep it odor-free.

4.  Enhances hair growth and eliminate itchiness of the scalp. 

5. Drinking calamansi juice on a regular basis also helps keep your kidneys healthy

6. It is a good tonic for the liver. 

7. Calamansi juice is a good marinade for meat like poultry, pork and beef. 

8. Calamansi juice helps eliminate the bad smell of fish.

9.  Calamansi can also be used as a stain remover for clothes.

10. After making juice, I used the rest for the skin to clean my oven and sink. It takes away the grease easily.

September 29, 2014

Fight Depression

It's 3:09 in the morning. My chinky eyes are wide-open. I can't sleep. I've just finished chatting with a friend. I'm concerned. She's having depression. I call depression D. I know the feeling when D hits. I feel it every now and then. I don't welcome D but it pops like a thief at night. Maybe it comes with age. Studies say that women between 40 to 60 manifests some, if not all, forms of depression. Others feel depress because of their unhappy situation they are in. Mine is different. I have a happy life, great husband and kids. My depression is caused by hormonal imbalance due to thyroid problem.  

My first battle with depression was in 2000. John and I were recently married. I didn't know back then that I have hormonal imbalance. I was feeling sick and was thinking I have diabetes. I was confined at Makati Medical Center for 4 days. The doctor said, I'm alright. That all tests are normal. Dr. Litonjua even joked to John, "e gusto ka lang ata masolo!".  We didn't know it was already depression. The doctor didn't know either.

My second battle with depression was in 2001. I was crying for no reason. Got mad easily. I took around 2 sleeping tablets. I didn't want to wake up. Had series of lab tests, then I was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance.

My third battle with depression was in 2002. I recently gave birth to the twins. They were about 2 months. I was basically happy having the twins since we waited to have kids for years. One day, hormonal imbalance kicked in and caused me to have depression big time! I took more than 5 sleeping feels,. I can't remember the exact number. I locked myself inside the room. John and the nannies were worried for I didn't eat for 2 straight days. I'm lucky to have a supportive and understanding spouse who understand my case.

I've battled 3 major moments with depression. Nothing of that scence any more but from time to time, I feel that D wants to take over again. I fight depression before it can ruin my joyful life. Here's how...

1. I have a routine. I clean our two bathrooms. Kaya ang banyo namin ang pinakamalinis na parte ng bahay. Kung pwede nga lang pati bathroom ng kapitbahay lilinisin ko din, hehehe!

2. I exercise. Exercise boosts feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Syempre dahil depress, ang hirap ibangon ng sarili para mag ehersisyo but I tell myself, "exercise na, tanggal depression na, se-sexy ka pa!"

3. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables and health  foods like those rich with omega-3 fatty acids. Ang sarap kaya ng crabstick sandwich at tuna pandesal ko!

4. I window shop for clothes. Walking along the air-conditioned lobby of malls makes depression vanish.  At nag burn pa ko ng calories, which in turn makes me sexy! Plus, I get ideas on how to mix and match my clothes.

5.  I visit friends and people I love. Drop by their homes or offices. Bring them foods (parang Vhong Navarro lang!), coffee, an apple or two. Pag walang budget, dinadaldal ko lang sila. Talking burns calories. Sesexy ka dun.

6. I sleep a lot. At dahil tulog ako ng tulog, di hindi ako nakakain. Sumeksi na naman ako!

Wala ako sa picture, sa ilalim ako ng kama natutulog, hehehe.

7.  I take husband's responsibilities. We send and pick up our kids to school. My husband drives while I'm the navigator. When depression starts to kick in, I drive and ask John to stay home, relax and enjoy his collection. Happy husband na, nag burn na naman ako ng calories sa pag drive. Papa sexy na ng papa sexy!

8. I do volunteer works and outreach activities. Doing something for someone lifts my soul, my spirit.

9. I do arts and crafts with my children. Naalis na ang inis, nakagawa pa ng mga bagay na di na kailangan pang bilhin. Nakatipid!

10. I try new things.

Guest reviewer at PopTalk last year

11. I send gifts to random people.

12. I watch funny movies and shows like Eat Bulaga,

13. I tell jokes, even if my kids and husband, say I'm corny.

14. I blog. Hoping to make a reader or two smile and help alleviate their own depressive mood.

15. I do pleasurable activities with my husband like facial treatments and massages. At yung huli di ko na sasabihin kasi Rated SPG (Maaaring may maseselang tema na hindi angkop sa mga batang nagbabasa ng blog na ito).

You see, we all have problems. Iba iba nga lang ang gravity. But you have a choice. It all depends on you, whether you want to stay in that depressing state or not. There's a lot you can do on your own to fight back depression. Do not allow depression to strip away the structure happiness from your life. If the above mentioned activities does not appeal to you, find something that will help you relax. If everything seems black and nothing seems to go right, talk to a friend or better go ahead and be not ashamed to seek medical attention.

If you know someone who's battling depression, help and intervene. Depression can lead to suicide as what happened to comedian, Robin Williams.

September 28, 2014

What Women Can Do When Life Falls Apart Book Launch

It rained cats and dogs a few hours before the book launch of What Women Can Do When Life Falls Apart.  I had second thoughts of attending the event because the roads were flooded. Plus, my date for the night, my daughter Julia, fell asleep.  But my heart and mind told me to go, so after cooking dinner, I ran as fast as I could.  

I was so excited and happy that when I reached OMF Lit - Boni, I asked one of the women, "is she there, is she there?". I didn't know I was already talking to the author - Ms. Luisa Reyes-Ampil.

Amor, the event's host
 Welcome address by Ms. Yna

Ms. Ampil shared her life story and how she came up with the book.
 What Women Can Do When Life Falls Apart is the first she has written.
  Maricar shared her battle with depression and how she cope up 
with it with the help of his husband Amor.

I'm so happy to have met all these women of all ages.

And ecstatic to see  again Teeda! 

I bought a copy for my very good friend and had it signed by the author

September 27, 2014

Best Food Forward Year 4

If my eight year old son had fun with Best Food Forward's Media Sneak Peek earlier at Blackboard in Podium, ahhh you're definitely going to have a great time at Best Food Forward Year 4! This is a two-day food event happening on October 11-12, 2014, from 10am – 8pm, at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City.

Juan with owners-sisters-partners of Love, Agnessi

Juan with owners-sweethearts of Voila Old Fshioned Jar Cakes
Sisters-Owners of Kooky Pam
With various specialty food stalls, innovative cooking demonstrations, celebrity chef appearances, family attractions, celebrity guests, and many more, its vibe and atmosphere will definitely make this event the most memorable to date – one that surely can’t be missed!

Indeed, there is more to food than meets the eye at Best Food Forward.  It has the power to continue bringing kith and kin together, convert strangers into friends, gather the food industry’s who’s who, and at the same time, happily give newcomers an avenue to be discovered in the bustling food scene. And from a meager 2-day attraction for a few hundred people during its very first staging in 2011, Best Food Forward is sure to surpass its attendance of over 6,000 food-lovers for its 4th year! 

With Chef Arnold Bernardo of Lick the Spoon

Husband and wife tandem of Big Dog's Kitchen

A more exciting line up is coming your way as new participants join the event like Big Dog's Kitchen, which serves, ohhh delicious sandwiches!

For those who'd like to be healthier and sexier, gotta visit Jusa

Marmalade's Kitchen
Sandwiched between purple ladies, fellow bloggers Peachy of Peach Kitchen
Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts

Had fun catching up with Tetcha, who's one of those really, truly nice peeps in the blogging world.
Below are photos from Best Food Forward  2013

A rare moment from last year was this one taken with powerhouse chefs (from L-R) Pino’s Ed Bugia, F1 Hotel’s Chef Sau Del Rosario and Asian Food Channel’s Bruce Lim (extreme right), joined by 4-time BFF loyal concessionaires Yet and Dianne Andin of Chocolate Atbp.

BFF publicist, Gwen Cariño, is joined by Curiosity Kills the Chef’s host Sharwin Tee and one of the country’s top food bloggers Ritchie Zamora (The Pickiest Easter) and his daughter Rain.

Chef Mitchie Sison will be doing another engaging cooking demo
for Carnation Evaporated Milk.

Khalil and Arianna of Kalookies will be back this year and is sure to be sold out again.

Best Food Forward is co-presented by Carnation and Kewpie. It has also partnered with Coca-Cola Philippines, Center for Culinary Arts Manila, Marmalade Kitchen, Good Life, Clara Ole, Lee Kum Kee, San Remo, Tabasco, Elba, Sun Cellular, E-Plus, Make Believe Productions and Grab Taxi.  Media partners include Appetite, Food, Breakfast, BusinessWorld,,,, Crossover 105.1, Nuffnang, and Outcomm. This year’s beneficiaries will be various flood victims. For more information, please call 0917.8871933, 0920.9148175 or 701.1398, and like Best Food Forward on Facebook.

Lifestyle Asia’s Curiosity Kills the Chef’s host Chef Sharwin Tee is flanked by BFF’s organizers, Timmie Hilado (left) and Gwen Cariño (right).
Kewpie salad dressings will definitely be a big hit!
Razorback’s lead vocals, Kevin Roy, promised to come back this year. On photo, he is joined 
by Click the City’s Bea Acosta.