September 15, 2014

Baguio Country Club's Raisin Bread

I've grown tired visiting the tourist spots of Baguio. But going to Baguio still excites me because I get to eat my favorite raisin bread from Baguio Country Club. Haven't been there for over a year though that's why I try different raisin bread available in Manila.

Julia and I went at Glorietta to watch If I Stay yesterday. Upon alighting from the cab, my sleepy eyes caught the green sign that says "Baguio Country Club Raisin Bread, Centennial Bread, Banana Bread!

I totally forgot the movie schedule, went inside and asked the nice young lady, "is that the real thing, Baguio Country Club's Raisin Bread? Are you sure?". 

Now, craving for raisin bread is just an hour away at Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta. 
It's delivered fresh everyday from Baguio Country Club with love!

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