September 30, 2014

Benefits of Calamansi

Calamansi, known as Calamondin in other countries, is a sour fruit that resembles a small mandarin. This fruit is indigenous to the Philippines.

Mama-in-law gives us plenty of calamansi everyday. So as not to waste a single calamansi,my husband makes calamansi juice. 

Ingredients: 1 liter of water, honey, a lot of calamasi. Use brown sugar as a substitute if you're not into honey.  

With the help of a blender, the juice comes out perfectly good and refreshing!
If you don't own a blender, place it in a shaker, shake vigorously to blend all the ingredients well.

As a dutiful wife (hehehe) I clean the mess when John 's done and I make sure that nothing is wasted.

Calamansi is known to lighten darkened skin like elbows and knees, so I scrub those parts (and those hidden like armpits and singit) before throwing everything in the pan.

Yes, you read it right -  I throw the skin in the pan. I boil it for my calamansi bath soak.

Study shows that calamansi can visibly whiten the skin if you use it twice a day. John and I do calamasi bath soak at least once a week. It does not only whiten our skin, it gives us that important husband and wife bonding. Of course we do this when the kids are in school! 

Fill the tub and pur the boiled calamansi before soaking

The calamasi saga doesn't end after enjoying at the bath tub. I planted the seeds and the rest of the skin, hoping that I'll be able to grow my very own calamsi tree.

Other benefits of calamansi: 

1. It is a natural ingredient for fading acne scars. The acidity and the vitamin C are the main factors responsible in helping fade acne scars & lighten dark spots. There is a stinging sensation though when applied on the face so be very careful. Ask your doctor first if you have bad case of acne. TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK

2. Due to its good dose of vitamin C, drinking calamansi juice helps prevent tooth decay, bleeding gums and will help strengthen teeth.

3. Besides skin lightening, my kumareng Jingle uses this citrus fruit as a deodorizer. Calamansi when used will prevent your armpits from perspiring and will also help keep it odor-free.

4.  Enhances hair growth and eliminate itchiness of the scalp. 

5. Drinking calamansi juice on a regular basis also helps keep your kidneys healthy

6. It is a good tonic for the liver. 

7. Calamansi juice is a good marinade for meat like poultry, pork and beef. 

8. Calamansi juice helps eliminate the bad smell of fish.

9.  Calamansi can also be used as a stain remover for clothes.

10. After making juice, I used the rest for the skin to clean my oven and sink. It takes away the grease easily.

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