September 25, 2014

Benefits of Grape Smoothie

Every time we dine out, my kids' choice of drink is grape smoothie. Depending on the restaurant, a glass of grape smoothie ranges from P150 to P300. Say for example, it is P280 in Heat at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel and P190 at California Pizza Kitchen (VAT and other taxes included).

For 'tipid' mode 101 (to save), here's what I do at home..

Step 1: Buy half a kilo of seedless grapes (around P200)

 Step 2: Freeze it overnight

Step 3: Add a glass of water

Step 4: Blend

Out of P200 grapes I made 4 servings. Next time dadagdagan ko pa ng 1/4 kasi walang grape shake si husband. Para sa amin lang mag-iina ang kaya ng 1/2 kilo.

Benefits of Grape Smoothie

1.  Grapes provides a great dose of vitamin C as well as some other much needed antioxidants.
2. A good source of  Resveratrol – is an antioxidant found in grapes (especially red) that aids in slowing down the aging process of important genes in the brain, heart and other muscles and organs.
3.  Helps Metabolism – grapes is a friendly dieting food due to the fact that they tend to have a light laxative effect on the metabolism. 
4.  Low Calorie  and high in hydration,which help to improve the blood flow through the blood vessels; therefore, allowing more blood to flow to other areas of the body as well as increasing the oxygen levels that other cells need.

But  grapes have high sugar levels and can cause blood sugar levels to temporarily shoot. So diabetics have to be cautious, check with your doctor first. 

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