September 23, 2014

Mega Food Tour 2.0

I survived the first Mega Food Tour last May with 15 restaurants food tasting.  Mega Food Tour 2.0 lined up 9 exciting international dining concepts which are all a must visit and try when in Mega Fashion Hall of Megamall.

Ippudo Philippines at the third floor , where ramen craze is alive as evidence of a line so long.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos as my companions ate them as soon as it was served!

Ippudo's Salad, with avocado is a must try!

An Italian restaurant that serves organic, farm-to-table food.

Rosanjin's ceiling reminds me of my room when I was single. I had the same umbrella designed upside down.

This Rosanjin Japanese set menu is at P450 only.

Need I say more about Sonja's Cupcakes? Here with Sonja Ocampo,the very nice owner.

Tim Ho Wan takes pride in their pork buns and dim sum offerings

We were given a piece of their pork buns, I gave mine to this cute girl who were begging her mom to get one.
She thought that the buns were for free tasting for public.

Triple O is Canada's best tastng Burger.

I have a certain weakness for onion rings, and I know when I like them.
Surely, I like Triple O's onion rings!

For love of spices, Eri Curry will surely suit your taste.
Try their best-sellers Katsu omelette curry and chicken curry

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