September 19, 2014

Tumbang Preso "In the Can"

There are three major reasons why I'm watching the film Tumbang Preso "In the Can" on October 8, 2014 at Megamall Cinema.  First, to help fight human trafficking. Second, the award-winning actress Jacklyn Jose, one of my favorite actress, played a special role in the film. Last but certainly the most important reason, my friend Star Orjaliza plays one of the major roles in the movie.

The suspense movie is based on true story of a 14-year old boy's daring attempt to escape slavery in a sardines factory, of human trafficking and survival. 


Carlo and his younger female cousin were promised restaurant work with a scholarship in Manila but ended up as slaves in a sardines factory. Children’s hands are small so they fit well into the can. He devised a plan, navigated around the place and culminated in a dangerous plan to escape where life and freedom are in the balance.
Starring: Kean Cipriano, Teri Malvar, Ronnie Lazaro, Dominic Roco , Star Orjaliza, Kerbie Zamora Ron Cieno and Ms. Jaclyn Jose. With the special participation of Shamaine Buencamino. Introducing Kokoy de Santos 

Written  and Directed by: Kip Oebanda

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