September 28, 2014

What Women Can Do When Life Falls Apart Book Launch

It rained cats and dogs a few hours before the book launch of What Women Can Do When Life Falls Apart.  I had second thoughts of attending the event because the roads were flooded. Plus, my date for the night, my daughter Julia, fell asleep.  But my heart and mind told me to go, so after cooking dinner, I ran as fast as I could.  

I was so excited and happy that when I reached OMF Lit - Boni, I asked one of the women, "is she there, is she there?". I didn't know I was already talking to the author - Ms. Luisa Reyes-Ampil.

Amor, the event's host
 Welcome address by Ms. Yna

Ms. Ampil shared her life story and how she came up with the book.
 What Women Can Do When Life Falls Apart is the first she has written.
  Maricar shared her battle with depression and how she cope up 
with it with the help of his husband Amor.

I'm so happy to have met all these women of all ages.

And ecstatic to see  again Teeda! 

I bought a copy for my very good friend and had it signed by the author

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