October 31, 2014

Diagnostica De San Vicente Health Care Center

My doctors are particular about the accuracy of the results of whatever laboratory tests they require me to undergo.  They don't just accept results coming from laboratory clinics that are questionable in terms of the knowledge of their people - doctors, medical technologists, nurses, as well as office staff.

Just across St. Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City, a fairly new diagnostic center is highly recommended by doctors. Diagnostica De San Vicente (DDSV) is a Laboratory and Diagnostic Health Care Center . They offers services such as Hematology, Microscopy, Chemistry, Drug Essay, Ultrasound, 2d Echo, Bacteriology, Histopathology, Endocrine Test, Hepatitis Profile, Tumor Markers, Serology, Stress Test, Drug Test, X-ray, 24 Urine Test, and Dental Services.

Diagnostica De San Vicente Health Care Center' s place is clean, well-lit and have enough rooms to accommodate the tests needed by clients. Plus, as I'm particular about customer service, the staff are warm. They greet with a smile and makes sure that the patient is comfortable before doing the procedure.

Before my turn, there was an old man who needed to have blood tests. He was afraid of needles so it took awhile before they finished the procedure. The Med. Tech did a great job by reassuring the male patient. 

At Diagnostica De San Vicente Health Care Center (DDSV), patients or clients are safe and secured because DDSV uses advance technology and high tech medical equipment.

I'm also very concerned about cleanliness so I checked their rooms, and my favorite hiding place (restroom). Buti naman, malinis! Pasado sa panlasa ng nanay na ito.


Diagnostica De San Vicente Health Care Center also cater to laboratory and medical tests needed by companies. For group rates and other details, you may contact Neil and Thess Valenton by emailing  diagnosticadsv@yahoo.com.

284 Dona Anita Building, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue., Quezon City, Philippines
Phone (02) 724 3980 * 

Website http://diagnosticadesanvicente.com/

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