October 1, 2014

Isis Wellness and Spa Review

Time flies fast when you're having fun. This is what happened to me at Isis Wellness Spa.  I arrived 15 minutes earlier from the schedule. Upon opening the door, it felt like home. The picturesque place is suitable for my much needed rest and relaxation. The range of colors used from the reception, waiting area, massage rooms, restroom and shower room are well put together. When I asked the owners about the names of their architect and interior designer, I was amazed to know they designed the place themselves. 

Most of the decors they have at Isis are souvenirs they bought  from their travels abroad.

Although there are only 4 massage rooms, one need not worry about the noise and privacy because each room can be divided using an accordion type solid door.

If you frequent this blog, you know how particular I am when it comes to bathrooms, as well as shower rooms. Oh how I love Isis because they remind me of my own bathrooms, having the same tiles, though with a different shade.

Meeting the owners, Chef Didier Derouet and his wife Merna was absolutely fun, as well as informative. Although I've met Merna a year ago, it's totally a different thing when you meet the couple at the same time. The talk becomes more explosive, as you get a lot of ideas from husband and wife tandem. It's easy to understand why at Isis you'll get a unique and quality service because Chef Didier worked as an executive chef with many five star hotels here and abroad. Merna used to work as a therapist at Hyatt, in Dubai. While Chef takes care of the needs of the tummy (yes, he personally cooks the food they serve for their clients), Merna, on the other hand, see to it that all their therapist are well-trained.

The welcome drink is truly a welcome treat. This one deserves a post of its own on my next article! I'm a spa addict so I'm used to drinking the usual - powdered iced tea or powdered lemon. If you're lucky, a fruit infused water will be served. In Isis, you'll get to taste Chef Didier's welcome drink. I will not tell you now. Go and visit Isis and Chef Didier will be most happy to tell you the secret about this secret drink. All I can say right now, I wanted to bring home the whole bottle! Seriously, I wanted to because it has all the ingredients that I want in a drink.

Let's get down to business. I'm the kind of person who's very active. During spa treatment, I do not sleep because I easily get distracted with the noise. At the beginning of my conversation with the couple, I told them that I don't sleep that much, so Chef Didier said, "you have to try our Lavender oil". In my mind, I knew that their Lavender oil is no different from all the lavender oils I bought from different spas. By the way, Isis have 40 kinds of oil that will suit the need of their clients.

This is the only photo I can remember. The next thing I know, Missy, the therapist, was telling me, "Ma'am facial na po tayo". I replied with a question, "are you sure? What time is it? Nakailang oras na tayo?". Admittedly, I was wrong to think that their oil and their massage is just the same as the other spas for I fell asleep.

You shouldn't miss the facial when you book at Isis. They use Pevonia products. Pevonia Botanica offers a complete range of natural, organic skin care products for your use at spa treatments through luxury spas around the world. Yes, only fine hotels uses Pevonia. And yes, they charge THAT MUCH because of Pevonia. At Isis, you get to be treated with the same luxurious service and products at a price affordable by middle income individual.

After the treatment you will be offered a first class tea.

I've already mentioned many positive notes about Isis. There's one thing I didn't like at Isis...

...the foods are to die for! It ruined my diet! (wink, wink). As of this writing, I can still, smell and taste the goodness of the salmon, the tender beef, those vegetables, dips, tea, the secret welcome drink and the wine!

These and more  are available when you book a package.

Book an appointment at Isis Wellness Spa and be pampered!

G7 Prince Plaza 1 Legaspi Street Legaspi Village
1229 Makati
Open from Monday to Sunday, 10:00am - 9:00pm
Phone: 254-4060
Cel: 0921 572 8408/0929-742669
Email: spaisis.ph@gmail.com

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