October 19, 2014

JC Premiere Products Product Review

I got hold of JC Premiere Products, namely Shuya sanitary napkins, Calvit-C and Organic Barley, last month.  I used the product for over three weeks now and my review of the above mentioned products below.

I am aware of sanitary napkins that contains ions because I used another brand in the past. I actually liked it until it was gone in the market.  I'm happy that Shuya sanitary napkins was introduced to me because all the benefits I like in a napkin is in this product. 

First, its Active Oxygen make sure that no residue will form as secondary pollution because it has the cleanest-oxidants and disinfectants. 

SHUYA day used anion sanitary napkin

Second, its Anion (Negative ion) helps relieve the pain and discomfort I feel every time I have my menstrual period. Anion is believed  to be a natural relief  against environmental and biological pollutants. It can also enhance immunity and anti-bacterial capability, relieve tension, reduce irritation, remove unpleasant odors, eliminate the effect of fatigue, improve endocrine and enhance metabolism.

SHUYA anion panty liner

Third, its Far infrared ray absorbs heat of body and outside air and convert into far-infrared, radiate to human body, improve micro circulation, repair damage, activation cells, thus helping a woman like me feel fresher and cleaner even at the most inconvenient days during our period.

SHUYA night used anion sanitary napkin

SHUYA sanitary napkin introduces international advanced core technology with its 8 layers napkin. 1st layer, is a thin silk and soft cotton fast absorption surface allows the liquid to absorb three times faster. 2nd layer,  International advanced active oxygen & far-IR &anion chip. 3rd layer,  Air-laid paper wrapped. 4th layer,  Super absorbent polymer(SAP imported from Japan). 5th layer,  Professional diversion layer(can accelerate the liquid to proliferate rapidly, is helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the side to leak. 6th layer,  air-laid paper wrapped. 7th layer,  PE breathable leak-proof bottom layer and 8th layer,  Adhesive glue release paper.

Calvit C is a Calcium Ascorbate which is a natural form of Vitamin C. I like that it is gentle to the stomach.  I don't feel acid acid reflux after drinking Calvit C capsule.   My kids are taking Calvit C, too, and they don't make remarks like "I feel dizzy after drinking". They actually like Calvit C that we've replaced their usual Vitamin C.

Organic Barley Juice is a food drink that promises to provide every nutrient necessary for survival including proteins, all in 8 essential amino acids, highly alkalizing minerals and a whole range of vitamins. 

I actually find JC Premiere  Barley too sweet. There's 10 sachets in a box, I only drank 2 of 10, but hey, that's just me. I'm not much into sweets. But let's go beyond the sweetness, maybe they can adjust its level. Why you should try JC Premiere's Barley Juice? It provides an easy path to loading up on youth-enhancing, muscle-building and immune-strengthening ingredients with one drink, so go ahead, have a glass, it might suit your taste to a well-balanced health.

You don't have to stop by being just an end user of JC Premiere Products.  This company actually offers 6 ways earning compensation. First is by direct selling or retailing, where you can earn 30% to 70% retail profit. Second way is direct sales commission. Third way is sales match commission. Fourth way is leadership commission. Fifth way is unilevel commission. And sixth way is franchise commission.  

JC Premiere is not a fly by night company. They own Siomai King, Siopao Da King, Burger Factory, Noodle House, and Sgt. Sisig.

If interested among the products I reviewed, or interested to be your own boss, contact Ms. Jermaine Gubat at 0917-4006103  and 0925-802 0304.


  1. hello po...saan po ba pwedeng maka bili ng sanitary napkin nyo?

    1. Hi Benjamin! I'm not a seller, I just reviewed their products. Please check out JC Premiere website.

  2. Hi po I'm just asking po na is it really true that you can lose weight by just drinking organic barley 3 times a day?


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