October 11, 2014

Kids Costume in a Flash

I'm pretty sure that moms can relate to me when I say, children think of their mothers as magicians. Why? Because the kids know the mothers can make something in a snap. Well, this applies to my children for they'd come home from school and tell me they need costumes for this and that. Not that I'm complaining, I actually enjoy doing kids costume in a flash.

Who would have thought I'd be on television for doing such fun, simple and zero cost costume for Hearts and Craft Segment at Rise and Shine in UNTV.  Special mention goes to Kathy Kenny Ngo of Life is Kulayful for referring me to the show.

Moms and dads, watch this video and let the fun begin as you create your kids costume.


  1. Idol! pa-autograph naman! haha! Ms. Joy, sisilip din ako sa closet mo ha, dami ko din gustong gawing costumes! hehehe

    1. Sige, Fedhz, madami ditong pwedeng gawing costumes. Daming kalat e, hehehe


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