October 20, 2014

Roxanne Ginoo at Krispy Kreme

John and  I were buying pasalubong for the three ugly bears at Krispy Kreme. There were no other customers, except for us and three others in seated in one table. I was  wondering why the staff were very busy and couldn't attend to me immediately. They were busy decorating the donuts with "Happy Birthday Reine". 

When the other customer stood up and faced us, John said, "that's Roxanne Ginoo". Although my husband doesn't watch local shows and movies, he knows Roxanne because he finds her beautiful. 

I approached Roxanne and asked for photo op. She accommodated us warmly and even talked about her life outside showbiz.  She is now a happy mom of two. She believes that mothering is a full-time job that does not come with a how-to manual. She personally attends to her children's needs. The above donut is for Roxanne's daughter birthday treat for her classmates and teachers.

Even if I was not camera-ready, I still took a photo op with Roxanne because she reminds me of Faye - my ever bubbly, pretty former officemate. I hope she can see this post. I miss you, "Buko-Faye"!

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