October 13, 2014

The Last Day on Earth

The death of my brother-in-law has once again opened my eyes to the reality of life - that we are here just for a brief moment. Some of us will be lucky enough to live up to 60 and above. Others pass away at a very young age and at the prime of their lives.  My Mama is one of them. She died at age 43, leaving us behind - 43 year old Papa, six children and 3 grandchildren. I was 20 years old then. Mama's death opened my eyes about making the most of my time.  I give and love to the fullest until I cannot give and love no more.

Last night, because I'm feeling lonely, my children cannot sleep. They know and feel when something is bothering me. So we kept on talking about many matters. Then I asked them, "what would you do if it's your last day on earth?".

Rafael: I will confess my sins to a priest and say sorry to all those I hurt.
Julia: I'm just gonna lie down and wait.
Juancho: I'm going to pray so that I will live again.

We all laughed. Then the three ugly bears asked me, "How about you, Mom, what would you do if it's your last day on earth?".

Me: Well, I'm going to say I love you thank you to all the people who have been a part of my existence (pang Binibining Pilipinas lang ang sagot, hehe!)

Some of you would probably think I'm talking none sense, but hey let's face it, that is where we are all heading. With everything on the line, we don’t always make the wisest choices.  We would like to think that I'm okay, I'm alright, I'm gonna have that big house soon, I'm gonna buy that nice car,  I'm gonna marry that girl or boy.  The fact is we get too busy planning our lives; we're too tired enhancing our talents, beauty, finances and so on, that we forget to appreciate life per se; we forget to say I love you and thank you often to people around us.  And that pride and ego hinders a lot of people to reach out to those in need. Pride and ego also hinders us from saying sorry to those who we hurt most. Then when facing death or someone is facing death, we go back to the reality of life - we are here just for a brief moment. Why waste time hating one another? Why waste time trying to figure out how to get back at those people who caused you pain? Why waste time?...

Ikaw, what would you do if it's your last day on earth?

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  1. I'll hug my two babies. :( Waaaah ang hirap isipin... Nakakalungkot.


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