October 6, 2014

Tumbang Preso Movie Review

Tumbang Preso had its premiere night at SM Megamall Cinema last September 30, 2014. It was attended by its Writer  and Director, Kip Oebanda and some of the casts namely Kean Cipriano, Teri Malvar,  Dominic Roco , Star Orjaliza, Kerbie Zamora,  Ron Cieno and newcomer Kokoy de Santos. 

Yeng Constantino graced the event since she is an ambassadress of the iFight movement, an organization against human trafficking. 

Yeng's fiance, Victor Asuncion was in full support, too.

Yeng with fiance, Victor Asuncion
Director Kip Oebanda
Let's get on with my review. Although the movie is about human trafficking, the movie showed the other side of the victims; that of intelligent, resourceful, thinking individuals that will not allow oppression to win.

Shot inside a cramp sardines factory, the characters were forced to work in exchange for a low income.

While watching the movie, you can't help but think, "ayaw ko na kumain ng sardinas!". Well, most of those beside me were actually saying that loudly.

The movie effectively got the attention of the viewers that human trafficking is still happening in this age and time. That it is everyone's duty to act and do something to help for the oppression, trafficking and slavery if not to totally stop, minimize their force.

The suspense as to what will happen in the next scene made me grind my teeth from start to end.

As always, Ronnie Lazaro delivered an acting that does not require too much effort.  He's so good that seeing his eyes makes you want to hate him.

Kean Cipriano, the music man, has such a great talent in acting. Saan kaya nya gustong magtagal, singing or acting? At least he's good at both.

The newcomer Kokoy de Santos has angle that reminds me of Rayver Cruz. At times, he looks like John Lloyd. As a newbie, aba, may future ang batang ito kung mapupunta sa tamang mga kamay.

Hmm, I don't want to review Star Orjaliza because she's my friend. I don't want to sound bias. But then again, why not! Her character, owner of the sardines factory, showed two sides of what most people project in real life. She tried to show compassion among her workers but is actually abusing and taking advantage of the sad and poor state of the other characters.  Well, Star definitely deserve a five star for her acting. There are lines na di nagpapatawa but she was able to convince the viewers na nakakatawa sya. Star as Madam is an epitome of great "pamagkunwaring" politicians, pretending to be nice in front of her workers just to make them work harder while she corrupts their innocence and freedom!

And for this, I know I deserve Star's adobo! yum, yum... hehehe! 


Tumbang Preso is showing on October 8
at SM Cinemas


  1. I thought it was just the usual story line of the "usual" movies these days. But glad to have stumbled upon your post about it so I may consider watching it. Thanks!

  2. i hope mapanood ko in si STAR dito. she's really a STAR! I want this kind of film. yung me nakatagong malalim na story.


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