November 26, 2014

Ariel Brought Higanteng Linis, Saya, Kantahan, Kainan at Higantes Festival

I haven't been to Angono so Martin's invite to cover Ariel detergent's Higanteng Linis, Higanteng Fiesta event immediately appealed to me even if it was a Sunday.  I felt overflowing excitement knowing I'd be able to experience Higantes Festival.  By the way, for my readers who are not familiar, Higantes Festival is Angono's joyous fiesta celebrated the 23rd of November in honor of San Clemente. It is highlighted by parading "Higantes", paper-mache giants measuring four to five feet in height.

Upon alighting the van, I rushed to take photo of the giant paper-mache holding Ariel pack.

While covering the event, I heard someone calling my name. I looked back, it's Mang Paul - our friendly neighborhood school service driver at Angels School. He was there to help the caterer, Mabel Leon, who's my former neighbor. What a small world, eh!

The event hosts, DJ Cha Cha & DJ Charles of MOR 101.9, 
brought fun and laughter from start to end.

Higanteng kainan started from this giant palayok. Dito nila iniluto ang lahat ng pagkain, hehehe! 

Games like bring me and raffle kept the participants on their toes. 
Two lucky winners brought home P4,000 each!

In between the program, I sneaked to talk to some people for I believe that the real soul of any place resides on its inhabitants. It was a joy to know more about Angono thru them.

Shared my snack to mom and daughter.

Bought mani and sweet beans to manang as pasalubong.

And so the party started when Teddy Corpuz of Rocksteddy came out!

It was my first time to meet Teddy so, piktyur-piktyur before and after his performance.

The event was not just about the world’s leading detergent that epitomizes superior stain removal since 1999.  Ariel brought higanteng linis, saya, kantahan, kainan at Higantes Festival that made the people of Angono happy. Watch the videos I uploaded and feel the fun I experienced.

View more photos HERE

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