November 13, 2014

Holiday Decorating Without Spending

Hold that! Don't you dare throw those lose Christmas petals, flowers, balls and twist ties. You can still use it for holiday decorating without spending. All you need is creativity. Make sure to have fun while doing  it.

Oil diffuser before and after

Candle before and after

Oil diffuser and candle cutely placed on top of the bath tub

Super old decorative wires before and after

The super old decor now happily welcome our friends and relatives at the front door with Santa.

Tissue holder before and after

 Gladly seated...

My daughter made these wine corks last August to represent our family.

Then Julia turned these wine corks into Santa family for Christmas 
using red art paper, bond paper and cotton balls

“Christmas doesn't come from a store, 
maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....” 
― Dr. Seuss


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    1. Thanks, F! But why with Ms. ang Joy? It Makes me feel old...HEHEHEHE


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