November 6, 2014

Let This Be a Warning!

I've been busy attending yoga class for the past week. So today was meant to stay home and do household chores. I paid the bills, cooked for lunch and dinner, cleaned the bathrooms. I slept for four hours in the afternoon only to wake up with FB messages, sms and emails from friends, clients and other contacts asking if I sent them an email, and that they cannot open the attachment.

I remember receiving the same email a few days back. I clicked to open the attachment. Then I was asked to provide my Google password, which I immediately provide (STUPID ME!). That explains why, my account sent emails to 295 people without me knowing it. Let this be a warning! If anyone send you the same email, do not open, delete it immediately, otherwise you'll experience the same.

Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon, kahit nakakainis, natutuwa pa din ako. Kasi one of my favorite co-bloggers, Mitch Coladilla, never fail to help me out even if she's so far away. Mitch is an IT expert who's now based in the US of A, so when she saw my FB post about this email thing, she advised me to change password  and scan PC/laptop.

Thanks Mitch! I miss you...

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