November 5, 2014


I received Slenda package a few days back. Although I'm happy with my present weight (but not the height, hehehe!). I'm taking this as a challenge to lose around 15 lbs. This is the first time I'm taking weight loss capsules because I'm afraid of weight loss methods which use synthetic drugs have resulted not only in undesirable side effects but also some problems on long term use. Why use Slenda? Because it’s all natural, with key ingredients, namely, green tea, banaba and turmeric.

My present weight as of this writing is 120lbs. Starting today, I'm looking forward to losing some 15 lbs in three months time. Kaya ba with Slenda? Well, together with a balanced diet and regular exercise, I'm on my way to a fitter, sexier and healthier me.

Slenda weight loss capsules contain Resveratrol and other natural ingredients, Take Slenda 3 times a day, 1 capsule 10 minutes before meals. 

Slenda is available in all Mercury Drug, Watsons, and in all leading drugstores in the Philippines.

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