November 4, 2014

Unrequited Love

We’ve seen it in so many movies, read it in so many books, but when your friend tells you about  that unrequited love, you can’t help but be involve.  This is the story of my friend.  She is in love with her friend but he didn't love her back. Before blogging about this, I asked her permission.  This unrequited love has been going on for years. I’ve seen her cry, and I cry too for her because she’s my friend who’s always there for me.  I’m writing for those who may be in the same situation, hoping to at least ease that heart -wrenching and agonizing feeling. 

First, let us define unrequited love.  Unrequited love or one-sided love is love that is not openly reciprocated or returned as such. One sided love is really a hard situation for people  at any age. Sometimes, people fall in love with their friends, with their neighbor, office mates or worst with someone who’s committed to another person. My first friend's dilemma isn't that complicated because she and her male friend are both single. My other friend has a much complicated case.  He is in love with another person but they can't be because both of them are married.

Learning how to deal with unrequited love isn't really hard. The difficult part is putting it into action. It is not impossible to let go of that love that always evades you, but it is very difficult for someone to cope when there's an expectation to be loved back.

If you love someone who doesn't love you, here’s some of my advice. I hope it’ll be helpful to help you let go, move on...

1. I strongly advice you tell the person how you feel for her or him to get rid of assumptions. If the 
feeling is reciprocated, lucky you! 

2. If the odds with you, be ready to accept the pain and other feelings like embarrassment and
rejection. Cry if you want but move on once it is confirmed that he or she have no feelings for you.

3. Don't wait for a long time hoping that one day you two will be as one because what if it's not going to happen? Are you willing to take the chances and waste your precious time for that someone who doesn't love you back?

4. Focus on improving yourself. Join new classes. Take that art class you've been hoping to attend 
for the longest time. 

5. If you're working, focus and build your career.

6. Go out on fun activities with your friends. Watch funny movies and read funny books.

7. Start new friendships.

8. Stop feeling sorry for yourself! It's not the end of the world. You have the ability to recover and renew your spirits. Consciously avoid thinking and talking to your friends about that person. Learn to be grateful for what has been provided for you in your life. You have more blessings than that unrequited love you've been wanting.

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