December 17, 2014

Alaska Crema's Merry Cremas Caroling

On the second day of Alaska Crema's Merry Cremas Caroling tour to bring creamy cakes and render happy Christmas songs, we've added creamy pasta as Alaska Crema's way of extending gratitude to radio stations and publications for their support for 2014.

We started early, first stop - Win Radio

With DJ Tess Mosa

 Monster Radio RX 93.1
With DJ Andrei and DJ Schneider

 At Energy FM 106.7
With Mr. Fu
 At Jam 88.3

With DJ Jobim
At Wave 89.1

With DJ Anne
Lunch, the Choir's favorite!

At One Mega

 We were lucky to catched  Cristalle Herares

At Home Radio 97.9

With Alex Santos

With DJ Jake Fruit and DJ Marco Avocado
Alaska Crema Team
 We went home a bit late because of the traffic, but making people happy made us all happy!!!

(View more photos HERE)


Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream brings gourmet goodness at home. Alaska Crema enhances the taste of a variety of food preparations. It is ideal for soups, salads, pasta dishes, dips and dressings. It is a cooking and baking ingredient that certainly turns ordinary recipes into fabulous gourmet meals!

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