December 28, 2014

Gota Village Resort in Caramoan Island Review

Our Bicol trip was a spur of the moment. It took John and I less than an hour to pack the bags. Without itinerary, we just let the wind, the rain and the wheels to take take us to wherever. The next thing we know, 12 hours lapsed, we were all tired, and we're already in Naga. 

On our first day, we enjoyed CWC, visited Mayon, Cagsawa Ruins and Lignon Hill. It was raining the whole time we were there so John and I agreed we should head back home. But then again, we decided to stay for another night and go to Caramoan Island. We had no idea how far and what to expect at Caramoan, so upon the recommendation of Aaron Espera (Front Office Supervisor of CWC), we headed to Gota Village Resort.

From CWC, we drove for an hour going to Sabang Port. We waited for more than an hour at the port because they needed to fill the whole boat. Then a two and a half boat ride going to Gota Island Resort.

Upon stepping the ground of the port, we were asked to pay P20 each as admission and environmental fee. 

We were supposed to ride a tricycle going to Gota Village Resort and pay P250, but someone asked where we're headed. When they learned we're going to Gota Village Resort, we were told to ride the service van. I got worried because Aaron didn't mention the van. I had to be sure so I asked the driver how much do we need to pay him. When he said, "it's part of your overnight stay". then we hopped in. It took us 30 minutes from the port to Gota Village Resort.

It's nice to meet fellow travelers, Sam and Joan. 

We were famished when we arrived past 2pm, so we headed straight to the restaurant. Unfortunately, the food was served more than an hour! We ate as soon as the food were served, that's why I was not able to take photos. To sate our hunger, we took photos of the place.

There are plenty of activities to be done in Caramoan, unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate.

It was almost 4pm when we went to the beach. With nothing do, we entertained ourselves. I took photos and videos of my family.

Julia enjoyed collecting seashells for her friends

Juancho hopped from one rock to another

The boys checked out the nearby cave

El enjoyed being buried under the sand

John and El gathered seaweeds...

...and meticulously formed the seaweeds into Occasions of Joy.

I enjoyed talking to the residents. The one is red is the Barangay Captain.

Gota Village Resort is the official home of the SURVIVOR staff and crew in Caramoan so we got to see some of the stuff they left at the back part going to the beach.

We knew already how slow they serve food, so I made an advance order right after we finished lunch at 4pm, and specifically told the order taker that we want the food served at 7:30pm, earlier will be better. Unfortunately again, our foods were served more than an hour late! If there's any consolation, Chloe, the food server, was very patient to all the guests. He kept on apologizing to everyone.

Food prices are reasonable but they don't issue official receipt at Gota Village Resort. 

The village, I must say, is beautifully planned and designed. Unfortunately it is not well managed by the government.  

The imported wood cabins are very cute and clean. We enjoyed this new kind of accommodation.
One bedroom with queen-sized bed was comfortable. John didn't complain of back pain at all.

One single bed at the living area

Big couch where El slept

I like the small, cute and very clean bathroom

The staff are nice but the Front Office lady is not equip to answer properly. They do not have intercom in the rooms, so guests must go to the lobby for whatever room service they need. At 3 in the morning, I went to the lobby to have our bills for we will be out by 6am to catch the 7am boat going back to Sabang Port. There was no one around. I kept on knocking from the front doors, to the side and back but no one was answering. The doors are locked. In the morning, I told the Front Office lady and she insisted that she was there all the time. I refused to ruin my day so I didn't argue with her anymore, but I wanted to tell her, "I was wide awake the whole night because I don't sleep at night". 

That's the Front Office girl, having an argument with another guest.

They provide pickup from Guijalo port for free but are you adventurous enough to ride Gota Village Resort's van without a door for 30 minutes? 


We like the cute and clean wood cabin accommodation at P1,500 only. If you're not very adventurous people like us, The Mendiolables, this place is not for you.  If the management improves their system , upgrade their facilities like the service van, intercom, add basic toiletries, train the staff for customer service, Gota Village Resort has a bigger potential in the future.

I found this heart-shaped rock at the beach

All in all, we appreciate the time we spent around this side of Caramoan Island for as the famous philosopher and poet said...

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” 
― Lao Tzu

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