December 12, 2014

Lego Warehouse Sale

We went at Lego Warehouse Sale on its first day last Wednesday. We were able to get in, unfortunately we weren't able to buy anything. Naubos agad ang mga Star Wars Imperial Tie Fighter that John wants to get.

We went back earlier today, VERY EARLY, hoping to get  the above mentioned Lego. From number 79 and 80 last time, we're number 34 and 35 this time! Konti pa pila, yehey!!!

Made friends with fellow parents, Maverick and Cherielyn Lim, with their daughter Chantal.

John chatted with Sir Randy Ordoveza, who's buying Duplo for his grandson.

One happy collector!

Here are some of the items on sale:

This Lego Warehouse Sale is until December 14, 2014. Just a few reminders: 

1.  Be there very, very, very early! 
2. If you can leave the kids at home, do so. It's a bit hot at the waiting area.
3. Bring water and food because the canteen is far from the selling area.
4. Tag along a companion so one gets to line up for payment while the other still chooses items. Then change places.
5. Most of the Star Wars that John was eyeing were all sold out early. Not all items are at 50% and 60% off. Popular characters are sold at 20% only. Most of the items we saw are Chima, Duplo, Friends.
6. You can line up early but they open at 10am, closes at 6pm.

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