January 14, 2015

Benefits of Pandan

There are plenty of herbal plants that have unique varieties which can aid different ailments in the Philippines. I'm not just sure if most Filipinos know that Pandan leaves (P. amaryllifolius) is one of them.  I have to admit that all I knew about Pandan when I was younger is that it is added into cooking to add a distinct aroma to rice and desserts, such as buko pandan. 

Upon learning about the benefits of Pandan, it now has a special place in my garden, cooking, and the whole house! 

I start the day by cooking rice with a piece of Pandan leaf. The smell makes the whole house, specially the curtains and the throw pillows, smell so good!

My Pandan plants are placed at the garden, but I make sure to bring them in before going to sleep so there won't be cockroaches and other insects that will attempt to invade my home.

After cooking my rice in the morning, these Pandan platns
are returned to the garden for watering and their much needed sunlight.

Benefits of Pandan:

1. Treat leprosy, smallpox, fever, wounds, stomach spasms, rheumatism, anxiety, weak nerves, no appetite, hair loss and dandruff, and strengthens the gum.
2. Used for handicrafts, including the manufacture of Dilly Bags (carrying bags), fine mats or ‘ie toga.
3. The nice smell it secretes is hated my cockroach, so place it inside cupboards, food cabinets to shoo those insects. 

How to use Pandan:

For dandruff:  Seven sheets  pandan leaves, washed and ground smoothly. Add 1 / 2 cups of water while being mixed evenly.  Squeeze and strain. Pandan leaf juice is then applied to entire scalp dandruff. Let dry, then  need to spread once again repeated. Approximately 1 / 2 - 1 hour later. Wash hair with clean water. Do it every day until dandruff is gone.

For weak nerves: Three pieces of washed and cut small. Boil with 3 clean water glass until remaining 2 cups. Let it chill. Drink a glass in the morning and one in the afternoon.

For stiff body parts and rheumatism: Brew three pieces of pandan leaves with 1 / 2 cup coconut oil Let it cook. Rub the mixture to sore body parts.

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