January 13, 2015

English Only, Please Review

We were supposed to do a La Union escapade but due to many reasons, we're stuck in Manila. My sons were invited by their friends for a play date at their place. With no siblings at home, I brought my daughter in Greenhills for a mom and daughter bonding. After dining at Torch, we've decided to watch Love, Rosie. While I was paying for Love, Rosie movie, Julia saw English Only, Please poster at the ticket booth. She asked if it's nice so instead of watching Love, Rosie, I paid for English Only, Please.

Though I'm not a Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsey fan, I'm actually intrigued by this movie for two reasons. First, I saw some FB friends wild reaction on how and why Derek won as the Best Actor and Jennylyn as the best actress in MMFF. Secondly, why  English Only, Please is still being shown in cinemas, while the other movies were already forgotten?

Though this movie is pretty predictable (with the guy and and the girl falling for each other in the end) the romantic comedy formula they used is truly effective. My daughter, who only watches Filipino movies during MMFF, said "mom it's a nice movie!".  

The film is beautifully funny at the very start when Derek's Ramsay was interviewing applicants over the net. 

It's light and charming tone finds plenty of laughs especially with how they depicted the silliness of life in the Philippines. Like the way the characters keep using EDSA traffic to make an excuse for being late. 

Love sick people will relate much on this movie as the characters keep doing the same mistake for the sake of love.

My verdict: Go ahead watch and enjoy the movie!

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