January 15, 2015

Starbucks Mega Atrium

Last week my husband asked me to bring him white choco mocha in venti size from Starbucks. I was too happy when I came home because I knew John will be happy to have his favorite drink. Upon lifting the cup from the paper bag.

John: Babe, I told you you venti size.
Joy: Yes, I paid for a venti size, here's the receipt.
John: But you're given a tall one".

So I called Starbucks Mega Atrium at the fourth floor to tell them what happened. Yus, asked for where I live so they can have the correct size delivered. I didn't want to hassle them much so Yus and I agreed that I'll drop by their store whenever I have a business to attend within the area.

Three days after, I met Yus and I'd like to commend him 
for delivering a "kapuri-puring" customer service. 

And by the way, I like the new look of Starbucks Mega Atrium.

Starbucks - SM Mega Atrium
Level 4, Mega Atrium Unit 419C to 419D, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong
Phone: (02) 706 5136

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