January 2, 2015

Star's Healthy Chicken Adobo

If you frequent this blog, you know I'm not much into cooking. Each and every new year, I always plan to be better at cooking but no to avail. Up until now I can only cook, with confidence, chicken curry, beef steak, afrida, pork binawangan and my malunggay spaghetti.

If you noticed, adobo is not a part of my list. A lot of friends and relatives have taught me how they cook adobo.  When I cook, my adobo turns out to be asado or steak.

As I start the year, it's great to share my friend's recipe, which I call Star's Healthy Chicken Adobo. I first tasted this some 4 years ago. I like how Star cooks it - no skin, no frying and with lots of pineapple tidbits.

By the way, Star is really a star. She's an actress for TV Series, Films and TV Commercials. Her recent film Tumbang Preso earned her good reviews.


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  1. I love all your recipe especially the curry. sarap din ng sinangag mo hehe.
    I agree, Star is really a star. Sana matikman ko din ang adobo ni Star.


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