February 18, 2015

Gamitin ng Tama ang Facebook

I have plenty of things to do today. Blogging is not part of them because I'm preparing for my blog's 5th year tomorrow. I'll be doing an arts and crafts for Grade 6 students from different schools.

Then I received an FB message, saying, "Hi Ms. Gorgeous!".  Aba, syempre flattered ako, gorgeous e, hehehe! The message is from a co-mommy who asked for an advice. She's into some kind of problems with in laws because of what she posted in her FB wall. 

Mahirap kasi talagang lagay ng lagay sa FB. Ito ay nagiging tampulan ng usapan at chismisan. So I advised her to take down that post. It's not for everyone to see.

I had a similar experience a few years back. I private messaged friends, telling them about how I feel. I was quiet the whole time because  I was composing myself and waiting to talk to all of them when I'm ready. While contemplating, the next thing I know, one of them posted on her husband's wall using words from the Bible. Another one commented at isinalin pa sa Wikang Filipino ang mga salita ng Diyos while bashing me. My husband saw the post. He knew it was me they were hitting so he commented. He was hurt for me of course because John knew how I loved these girls. To cut the story short, it ended a beautiful friendship. 

Moral of the story, gamitin ng tama ang Facebook. Ang mga usapang pribado ay dapat pribado. May telepono din naman, pero mas maganda pa rin na pag-usapan ng harapan. 

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