February 3, 2015

Spatzle Euro Market Cafe

Meeting a high school classmate after 15 years is a great joy so instead of meeting Joy Ester Calonge-Marcella at a coffee joint, we met at Spatzle at the 5th level of East Wing Shangri-la Mall.  

The term Spatzle may sound German, but there is a lot to try at this café other than spatzle and sausages.  Spätzle, by the way, are small dumplings made in southern Germany with seasoned dough poached in boiling water. Literally translated, Spatzle means “little sparrow”.

You won't get lost looking for Spatzle because it's well-lighted. The open and wide kitchen welcomes a diner with its chalk-written menu and organized ingredients on shelves.


As we wait for our food, I can't help but look around the coziness of the place.

I like that Spatzle is into recycled materials. 
It's so cute how they presented the utensils, with a  hand sanitizer on the side!

I particularly like the ceiling, walls and their chandelier.

I like the cobination of  the black chairs and the table.
Joy like this cabinet with different drawers' shapes and colors.

It's both our first time at Spatzle so we made sure to read the menu carefully and asked the recommendation of the food servers. 

Spätz Roast Chicken Soup
A clear aromatic soup with homemade cheese sidings and roasted chicken strips

Joy ordered for lemonade, I ordered for watermelon lemonade
 For my main course: Roast Chicken Sausage on Mushroom Spätzle

I like that the chicken roasted according to my specification - crunchy! Wrapped around a savory sausage, this chicken was easily wiped out!  The spatzle though is a bit bland for me so I asked for parmesan and pepper.

For Joy, Carbonara. She ate just half of her Spatzle. I think she finds it bland, too.

I forgot what Joy ordered, lol!

Trio of Assorted Cakes. You geto to choose 3 variants from the cake list.
Total costs for our meal: P1,800+

“Gastronomy, has been the joy of all peoples through the ages. 
It produces beauty and wit and goes hand in hand 
with goodness of heart and a consideration of others.”
- Charles Pierre Monselet (1825-88) 
French journalist and author.

Spatzle, Euro Market Cafe
5th Level, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Shaw Blvd. cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Accepts majot credit cards
Open from 11am to 9pm

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