March 31, 2015

Roach Approach - Don't Miss This Boat

Roach Approach - Don't Miss This Boat is a computer animated movie that brings biblical values as told by a hilarious family of roaches: Grandpa Lou, Grandma Nana and their ever curious grandson, Squiggz. 

The story shares the important values of love, faith, hope and respect.  The roach family from Miami Florida journey through timeless stories of the Bible. The adventure begins while the family is enjoying a vacation in Florida while an approaching hurricane threatens to destroy their fun.

Grandpa Lou shares one of his famous stories, the story of Noah's Ark. Squiggz learns from flood to rainbow and to always keep the faith in God in the middle of life's storms.

DVD Features:

The Making Of The Roach Approach
Animated Music Videos
Concept Art
Other Wacky Stuff!
Length/Run Time: 45 minutes
Produced By: Wacky World Studios
Directed By: Bruce Barry

March 30, 2015

Lipstick Versus Food at Chelsea Kitchen

Joy Felizardo's invite for Lipstick versus Food at Chelsea Kitchen made me realized three things. First, that Chelsea Kitchen has been in this spot for almost a year now.  I'm so busy that I didn't even notice CK even if I frequent its neighboring store, namely H&M and Zara.

Juancho told me, "Mom, I've been asking you even before when are we going to dine at Chelsea Kitchen". All the while I thought he was referring to Chelsea in Serendra. By the way Chelsea Kitchen is under the same company as Chelsea Grand Cafe in Serendra. 

Ck's open location, big windows, wooden furniture and  bright and earthy colors reminds me of home.  By this I mean, I felt so comfortable and happy dining despite the noise coming from the event elsewhere. It really feels like home because my husband likes playing music all the time. While our children likes making noise, happy noise that is.

Unlike most restaurants constrained by walls, the big glass windows from the main entrance provide natural light which makes it feel like I'm dining al fresco, minus the dust and heat.

I'm more of a bread person now than rice, 
so it's a real treat that Chelsea Kitchen offers a variety of bread.

raspberry tea

The second thing I realized is that, I still enjoy food review. I begged off invites of food review for quite sometime because food just tasted the same. Not at Chelsea Kitchen. I personally enjoyed their raspberry tea, watermelon-pineapple-mint fresh juice, 4-hour cola ribs, roasted seafood cioppino pasta, squid ink and clam pasta, crispy hot wings, super garlic cream pizza, and clam chowder and crouton's soup.

Juancho enjoyed chocolate milk and clam chowder and crouton's soup, and the birthday cake.

sesame seared tuna and mango salad

clam chowder and crouton's soup, pumpkin soup and maple bacon soup

crispy hot wings

super garlic cream pizza,

 4-hour cola ribs

roasted seafood cioppino pasta

squid ink and clam pasta

ultimate grilled cheese

birthday cake, slice.

And the third thing I realized is that it's never too late to own more than one lipstick! Thanks to Monika De Veas of Lipsticks and Moe for encouraging me to experiment and enjoy lipstick!

 Chelsea Kitchen
 Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
(02) 909 7012

March 29, 2015

Your Child 6 to 12 DVD

I bought Your Child 6 to 12 at Booksale in Greenhills last month. I've forgotten about this DVD but because I couldn't  sleep  last night I saw it along with my piles of books lying around the corner. I learned a lot from this DVD. I hope you'd be able to still get a copy at any Book Sale.

I'm giving a copy of this DVD to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment why you want to win. Leave your email address so I can email you in case you win. This is open to all readers of this blog but you have to have a Philippine address where I can send you this DVD. Winner will be chosen via fish ball draw, by my son Juancho.

This DVD is playable in all  regions so I didn't have to wake my husband to help me set up the player. This three-part series with best-selling author John Drescher will help parents to appreciate the preciousness of the pre-teen years.

In Program One you will learn this is the last great chance to hold your child, spend time with your child, instill values, read to your child, help your child to develop a sense of feeling, and to teach the facts of sex.

To highlight what I learned in Program One:
- Love is spelled T-I-M-E
- Every child is different. Every child has different needs.
-  Apply the knife where the need is. 
- Bed time is very important to spend time with children. This is the time when the child is vulnerable to confess wrongdoings or tell you how much you mean to the child.
- Last good chance to read to your child, to  discuss morality, stories that have caring, love, sharing, compassion.
-  Middle childhood has memory of elephant so be very careful in making promises. They'll hold you to it.
- Last chance to teach about sex so that they will not be confused by the outside forces.
- Good time to discuss vocations.
- Great age of feeling. Expose them to positive, encouraging people who will be a good influence.

In Program Two John illuminates the special characteristics of middle childhood, telling parents how to build loving relationships with their child by understanding and meeting his/her emotional needs. We learn of the child's  need for encouragement and of belonging, the love of adventure, the need to be active, the need to imitate, the need for affection, and the need to develop feelings.

To highlight what I learned in Program Two:

- The relationship of father and mother. A child that sees a loving relationship of the parents will feel secured.
- The child needs to hear words of love and see actions of love.
- Imitation stage - modelling, the parents must be the primary model.
- Need for encouragement.
- The great corrective to behavior. 
-  The main reason why a child wants to be good is not the fear of punishment. The main reason is because of encouragement. 

The power of encouragement. Benjamin West painter
- Praise the child, find every moment, every happening for what the child can help. to find good deeds it will encourage them to be better by Sir Walter Scott
- The power of negative has detrimental impact.
- Middle childhood is s active and noisy. Great time to develop some hobby, talk together,play together.
- Great need for belonging. Doing things together.
- Love for adventure - "join hands now and you will likely have teens latet who will want to join hands with you".

In Program Three John Drescher examines the conscience, the spiritual development of the child, and how the child derives identity, adequacy and worth.

To highlight what I learned in Program Three:

Identity - is developed to the parent of  opposite sext. Son to mother, daughter to father.
Adequacy - is developed from the parent of  same opposite (son to father, daughter to mother
Worth - worth is derived from both parents

This material will help you to develop a stronger understanding and relationship with your child as he/she heads into the critical teen years. Now is the time to spend time with your child and build a relationship, before they reach the teen years.

John Drescher, presenter of the series, is author of over 30 books including When Your Child is 6 to 12. Johnês books have been translated into over 20 languages. He has five children and twelve grandchildren. In addition to being a writer, he is a pastor, counselor, seminary professor and gifted communicator.

March 28, 2015

The Real Measure of Intelligence and Success

The time has come to explore and recognize the different forms of intelligences to help children achieve the most success. Understanding that success isn’t solely based on how good a child is in math or science means giving the chance to recognize their ability to be good at other things as well, eventually creating a generation that possess multiple intelligences.  “We continue to seek ways for parents and educators to recognize that developing multiple intelligence is just as relevant as academic performance, giving kids today the chance to develop their inherent skills in a motivated and well-rounded environment,”says Rhea Villareal, Senior Product Manager, Progress Pre-School GOLD.

“Multiple intelligence can spark multiple achievements – it is the edge that this new generation will have.”

This edge is perhaps best exemplified by some of this country’s young multi-achievers who were recently recognized at Progress Pre-School GOLD’s Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day. Among them are Sofia Pablo, whose excellence in academics is complemented only by equally impressive achievements in dance and sports; Cedric Rafael Uson, whose potential for leadership and the arts are notable; Sean Clarence Cai, who consistently impresses others with his propensity for numbers and excellentinterpersonal skills at such a young age; Luis Raphael Danao, whose academic achievements are rivaled only by his passion and excellence in sports; and Ciara Russegger, whose athleticism and academic inclinations prove that a seamless integration of brain, body and people smart is possible with the right support.

Kim Atienza, multi-achiever and Commencement speaker in the Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day, also expressed that his well-rounded character has been key in achieving success in life.

“Multiple Intelligence has equipped me to confidently engage with the world and readily accept challenges with family, passions, and career,” says Atienza.

Improving access to multiple intelligence

Progress Pre-school GOLD’s multiple intelligence advocacy has the opportunity to transform development approaches simply by highlighting the fact that various facets of intelligence combine to create a balanced and successful child that can potentially change the world.

As a means to further promote multiple intelligence, Wyeth is partnering with the Reading Association of the Philippines (RAP), a non-government organization committed to improve all aspects of the national reading programs and teaching procedures through teacher-training and research.

RAP calls educators to embrace a comprehensive curriculum to promote students’ maximum participation for overall development. It educates school teachers using proven progressive methods to teach kids to learn to read and enhance comprehension — thus, facilitate a better learning environment to help students to progress into multi-achievers.

Moving up and choosing multiple intelligence

Progress Pre-school GOLD encourages Filipino moms to move upto a more progressive approach to parenting as expertsprove that young minds gain knowledge through play, direct experience and social interaction.

“As a parent, my challenge is to help my kids apply their knowledge to everyday life, not just by getting good grades but by being well-rounded individuals that are smart, creative and helpful,” says Jenni Epperson, Multiple Intelligence advocate.
Activities have become open-ended and interdisciplinary and the more kids exposed to different fields and interests, the more they are able to perform better and beyond given measures.

“With multiple intelligence, you don’t just go one step ahead, you go twice as far,”says Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Multiple Intelligence advocate.

Progressive moms have a partner in Progress Pre-School GOLD as they further support the development of their child’s multiple intelligence. Progress Pre-School GOLD is now with its best-ever GOLD Biofactors System with higher levels of DHA, Choline and Lutein to support a child’s multiple intelligence.

March 27, 2015

Randy Ortiz Designer Collection for Kashieca

Hello there! I haven't blogged anything for the last 8 days. I've been busy with the twins graduation last March 24 for Rafael and March 26 for Julia.

This is a very special week because it's also a celebration for  the twins passed their examination in a Science School.  In short, their tuition will be free from now on, yipee!

Julia specifically told me that jeans is not allowed on their graduation day so I kinda got busy window-shopping for that perfect dress. Unfortunately, I was not able to find one because I'm more of a shirt and jeans type of person.

Then I remembered I bought 2 dresses at Kashieca 3 years ago for Queen and Princess Contest that I haven't worn. These dresses were Randy Ortiz Designer Collection for Kashieca. I actually bought 3, same design but 3 three different colors. I wore the blue one for my 40th birthday.

Rafael's Awards:
Youth Leadership Excellence Award,
Co-Curricular Awardee for Basketball Varsity
and Knights of St. Thomas Aquinas

Julia's Awards:
Bronze Medal for Third Honorable Mention,
Exemplary Performance in Math and Science Club,
Exemplary Performance in Journalism,
Exemplary Performance in Supreme Student Council,
Best in Reading and Phonics,Punctuality and Perfect Attendance Award

"In this outward and physical graduation ceremony,
the awards are not the end of it all. 
You know what has made me the happiest mom?
Knowing that my son and daughter enjoyed their elementary days
without pressure to be accepted for who they are not.
 Their inner and spiritual strength is more important 
than bringing those medals home." 
- Joy Mendiola
March 27, 2015