March 10, 2015


A fellow blogger has recently been hospitalized for kidney stones. A co-mommy in my daughter's school has polyps and her doctor advised her to lose weight. 

I like both of the people mentioned so I messaged them that losing weight and getting healthy boils down to 3D - DETERMINASYON (determination), DISIPLINA (discipline) and tamang DIET.

The problem with most people is that they depend on dieting alone. It can't and it won't work. Exercise MUST be a part of the picture to live a healthy life. Try biking. If you're not into biking, maybe swimming, or zumba. Find the one that fits your personality, like what I do. I exercise at home by setting up the television into Youtube. At Youtube you'll find videos from yoga, to zumba, to tae-bo. Name it, Youtube have it.

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