March 25, 2015

Grocery Shopping

Some parents I know do not bring their kids at grocery shopping because of different reasons, from crying and begging, to buying stuff and food that they don't need. In short, some parents find going to the grocery exhausting when the their kids are around. 

John and I have a better take on grocery shopping. Bringing the kids in grocery shopping actually has many advantages. 

1. Grocery shopping is a great way for kids to learn the alphabet. See those big letters from a  diaper? Start with that like H for Huggies, P for Pampers, so on.

2. At the vegetable section,  tell a baby about eggplant, zucchini, carrots, potato, all the other vegetables and fruits. 

3.  The grocery store is a good location for teaching colors. Kids are curious and want to know everything about everything, and with its wide variety your son or daughter will know that apple is not only red and that banana is not only yellow. 

4.  The grocery is a great practice for their reading skills. Kids love to show off what they know. This also builds their confidence.

5. As children get older, you can talk to them about healthful eating. Spending a few extra minutes in the produce section, telling them the difference about white and brown rice will not only build their knowledge, but also help them know their presence is valued. Sparking your child’s curiosity in food can help lead to a lifelong interest in healthful eating.

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  1. Yup! I agree! Getting kids into grocery shopping will help them,also,it is like a bonding moment na rin for the family.

    and btw, I so love your new blog lay out!!! Simply Elegant!!!!


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