March 5, 2015

Health Benefits of Ice Skating

The first time I tried ice skating was twenty one years ago. My youngest sister, Liz, wanted to try the first ice skating rink built in the Philippines . I did not enjoy that experience so I never tried it again. 

But my youngest son, Juancho, kept begging me. He wanted us to ice skate. Even if I told him I will not enjoy this sport, he begged til I gave in to his request yesterday.

I was actually feeling low for 3 consecutive days. I didn't feel like going out. I did not even feel like taking a bath. Seriously!  I just found the old joyful me after this experience...

For all those who think ice skating is not for you, think again.  Just like running, walking and swimming, ice skating offers many health benefits:

1. As with other sports activities, ice skating also improves ones endurance. Endurance builds when one maintains a constant, steady pace, over a longer period of time.
2.  Ice skating is easy on the joints because it’s low impact.
3.  It improves your balance and coordination.
4.  Ice skating is an excellent toning workout, helping to sculpt your hamstrings, quads, abdominal muscles, and obliques.
5.  Aerobic exercise is an important aspect of cardiovascular health, and ice skating provides a great aerobic workout.
6.   Ice skating is a good way to burn calories while having fun!
7.  Stress can have many negative effects on your health, but regular physical activity like ice skating can help combat the effects of stress.

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