March 16, 2015

How to Wear Capris or Cropped Pants

I knew early on that capris or cropped pants is not for me because I have short legs and big calves. In short, I'm short, and these style of pants will surely shorten my legs even more. So for the longest time (40 years to be exact), I made sure to stay away from capris or cropped pants.

I just could not bear not to wear my Moussy olive green cropped pants. So against all the rules of fashion, I broke the laws and wore a capri for my daughter's Confirmation last Saturday. Plus, what the heck, life's too short not to break the rules of fashion!

What I wore:
Moussy Capri, Merona Wedge Shoes, G2000 long sleeved top, Oakley shades, 
and necklace from my sis Liz.

Learn how to wear capris or cropped pants if you're short, like me:

Cropped pants breaks leg line between the knee and ankle that makes one look even shorter but the truth is, modern fashion is as much about breaking rules than following them.

1.  To maintain the illusion of a long line from hip to toe wear neutrals - all good–white, khaki  brown, light gray and try to pick a top that doesn’t create an intense visual contrast.

2.   Wear heels or wedges like what I did. Cropped pants are great for showing off your fabulous shoes!

3.  Select a crop pant that’s more fitted, or even skinny.

4.  Combine capris with a tunic or short dress.

5.  Wear an elegant, classic necklace with a statement.  

These are just my simple guidelines. I'm in no way an expert in fashion. Just bear in mind to be comfortable in whatever outfit you're in.

"What the heck, life's too short not to break the rules of fashion."
- Joy Mendiola
March 7, 2015

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